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Upcoming events

  • 1 May, Cambridge. PyData 7th Cambridge Meetup. Fetch.AI Lead Research Scientist Marcin Abram will give a talk on how to combine blockchain and AI.
  • 6–7 May, Paris. Tokenomics 2019 Conference. Marcin Abram and Daniel Honerkamp will be presenting a paper co-authored by members of the Fetch.AI research team, titled “Democratising blockchain: A minimal agency consensus model”.
  • 13–15 May, New York. Consensus 2019. CTO Toby Simpson will be part of a panel discussing Exchange Growth Tactics.

Trusted IoT Alliance’s Smart E-Mobility Pace Tour:

Technology update

  • We have been finalising the ledger and preparing the next generation of the Open Economic Framework (OEF) for the release of the public testnet.
  • The public testnet is on track to be released at the end of this month. See the full 2019 technical roadmap.
  • Visit our GitHub Repository to view, download and use all of our code, including newer versions of the ledger and OEF yet to be used on the public testnet!

Community news

Binance Incubation AMA
CTO Toby Simpson was in Berlin this week taking part in an AMA with Binance Labs’ incubation program as a mentor.

Toby at Binance’s Berlin Incubation AMA

TIoTA Pace Tour — Zurich
IBM’s Zurich HQ was the next stop on the Trusted IoT Alliance’s Smart E-Mobility Challenge this week. Partners Bosch, Riddle&Code and Streamr explored how a decentralised blockchain-powered real-time data marketplace can optimise the road network and increase safety. See the latest updates on TIoTA’s Challenge Wall.

TIoTA’s Challenge Wall

Bitmax competition
BitMax launched a competition to win thousands of FET tokens. Users who correctly predict price movement for five tokens including FET will receive equal share of reward worth 40,000 USDT. See full details here.

Rebuild Conference, Toronto
On Tuesday lead research scientist Marcin Abram gave a presentation about token engineering at the Rebuild Conference on technology in Toronto. Marcin discussed the blockchain trilemma and how we can find a correct balance of security, decentralisation and scalability.

Marcin Abram presenting at the Rebuild Conference in Toronto

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