Fetch.AI are excited to welcome Wojciech to the developer team.

Originally from Poland, Wojciech came to the UK to study Chemistry at Oxford, and later decided to pursue his passion for software engineering. He gained experience while working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and DisplayLink on projects ranging from Big Data and Enterprise Search to ultra low-latency display drivers.

In his spare time he perennially fails to finish a book on the Polish language. When not at the computer, he can be found experimenting in the kitchen, roasting coffee and making pickles.

Wojciech’s fervor for continuous improvement at all stages of the product lifecycle will support Fetch.AI’s transition from testnet to mainnet at the end of 2019. He is particularly excited to contribute to cutting-edge smart ledger technology that will one day underpin the future digital economy.

If you are passionate about programming and would like to explore opportunities within the Fetch.AI team, visit our careers page.

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