This week saw the start of the European PACE Tour as part of Trusted IoT Challenges Worldwide. The series of challenges aims to define the emerging blockchain for the IoT space while creating roadmaps, standards and guidelines for implementation.

Autonomous agents met a sleek set of wheels at TIoTA’s Smart E-Mobility Challenge hackathon in Stuttgart. Fetch.AI’s head of business development Maria Minaricova and lead software engineer Joshua Croft worked alongside partners Share&ChargeStreamrRiddle&Code and Bosch to develop new technologies that will enable autonomy in the machine-to-machine ecosystem.

As part of this hackathon we demonstrated how autonomous agents can transact independently of human intervention to facilitate electric car charging, parking and route optimisation.

Josh and Maria with TIoTA and our partners

“TIoTA’s Smart E-Mobility challenge is the first step towards bringing awareness to the new digital economy for mobility.” Maria said. Keep up to date with the latest news on the E-Mobility Challenge.

World-leading artificial intelligence researcher and Head of Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, Professor Michael Wooldridge, joined us as an advisor. Michael’s multi-agent systems expertise will support our efforts to deliver the economic internet of the future.

Head of research Jonathan Ward gave a presentation on the wisdom of digital crowds and how blockchains can be used to deploy AIs in the real world at the World Summit AI this week.

In the second part of CoinRivet’s two-part interview, Fetch.AI CEO Humayun Sheikh and CTO Toby Simpson discuss how Binance’s due diligence enables credible projects and is bringing confidence back to the crypto space.

Earlier in April Toby spoke to 8BTC about the enormous potential of the machine economy. Read the full interview here.

Finally, we released a guide on how to build a minimum viable token generation contract using Etch, the language used to generate bytecode for the Fetch.AI Virtual Machine.

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