Please welcome Attila to Fetch.AI. Attila is an enthusiastic software engineer and trained scientist with an MSc in statistical and particle physics from Eötvös Loránd University in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

During his university years, Attila was the lead author on one article. He also worked on Brookhaven National Laboratory’s PHENIX experiment, where he co-authored a further 22 articles. As an undergraduate student he developed software which simulates the time evolution of the quark-gluon plasma in heavy ion collisions.

Attila spent a summer participating in the Google Summer of Code programme, where he wrote code for CERN’s machine learning library. As a graduate student researcher, he also worked on particle physics data analysis which involved coding in C++, CUDA and Python. After obtaining a first class MSc degree, Attila studied for his PhD in statistical physics, focusing on deep learning related projects and taught a deep learning class. His main project during this time focussed on the building of 3D convolutional neural networks for predicting biological activities of drug-like compounds.

Attila is the latest addition to a world-leading team of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. If you would like to be involved in designing the digital economy of tomorrow, please visit our careers page.

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